Reviews for "VGE3 Easter Egg short"

always amazing me

awesome stuff mate
you make it, i'll watch it!

gotta love it!

I'll admit, I'm a SF fan before MK, but I do agree that Akuma is kinda overrated.... yea, he's got a lot of power, but almost no defense to back it up. He's also really cheap.... but so is Kahn. main difference, Kahn is a final boss as to where Akuma is only a boss sometimes.
Stiker should have went gangsta on him I think. that would have been even funnier. that, or some whittier one-liner mocking Akuma's "god like power" before shooting him in the face.
Nice work bro!

yah i said it!!!

Man Gouki would have put his foot so far up that Fat, doughnut eating cops ass it would quench his thirst. (but it was still funny as hell) ....It was too funny to give a real zero though. i only posted this cus you begged so much hehe,,,, keep up the good work.

Funny But Awesome

I recently just got dont watching the other episodes and this one just made me want to see even more. Is the full episode 3 almost complete?


First remy now akuma, when will the greatest fighters ever win. Stop killing off everything that is epic in the world.

p.s read your update, thought I might as well be that guy.

R1665 responds:

Well, it's like I tell everyone when it comes to dead characters - There are a conceptually infinite number of alternate versions of any particular character. It is entirely possible that another version of Akuma could show up and rip shit up in later episodes of the VG EXILES.

Of course, the likelihood of that is about the same as the likelihood that I will be killed and eaten by a pack of wild guinea pigs. Still, there is a possibility, however remote it may be...