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Reviews for "VGE3 Easter Egg short"


i do like alot of your other videos. but this was shit honestly. im not butt hurt cause you "killed akuma" or whatever. but really now it seems to me you just made this to get on peoples nerves. in my opinion it had no comedic value what so ever. but hey just my 2 pieces. like your other flashes though there quite nice.

You suck!

It was nice of you to submit this as something different because a lot of people can not even find the Easter eggs! This was cool because for something so short, it was done very well. The best part about it was that the animation was so done. I can really notice how cartoonish the "Street Fighter" characters look in comparison to the "Mortal Kombat" characters. I do not know why Stryker wears red in this. Speaking of him, I always kind of thought he looked like Bill Murray.

I guess it is because of that fact that I was thinking the stock words came from a Bill Murray movie, maybe "Ghostbusters". It was cool how it did not just end with him going to Hell. Shao Kahn really takes the cake by knocking Akuma up the building. I am not sure if the SF characters are bulletproof, but some probably aren't anymore. Thank you for creating something quick and fun.

100% Awesome!

Funny and credible all at once! Keep up the good work!


Man stop making these videos please. You'll never be as good as Proxicide.

R1665 responds:

Afraid I'm gonna ruin your hero? Request denied.


always amazing me

awesome stuff mate
you make it, i'll watch it!