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Reviews for "VGE3 Easter Egg short"

if i can remember correct now i see why yall killed off ryu lol and i think ken to in your ep 2. they are over used alot but its bc there fan favorites so i hope y'all got some other good characters to bring into the pic for good action bc to be honest ken, ryu, and akuma are good characters for stuff lkek this with all the abilits ppl gave them for mugen and sht but then again yall may have alot of other great ppl to use and if u do i applaud you bc ryu, ken, and akuma are being overused in everything now a days and ppl think there the strongest.


Bravo! Whata comedy...


you seem to favor MK which gives the true reality of say not stryker but the other un logical

Funny Stuff

But I prefer owning Akuma myself, online. People think they're invincible by playing as him, and then I use Gen or Yang to rape them senseless. Good times.


Next time Akuma, be more specific.