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Reviews for "Nuclearoids"


Luck based games are alright, but far from addictive.

Screw you, It's random.

Levels appear to be randomly generated and luck is not fun.


There is no skill involved, its just randomness. Not addicting but the music is cool.

Not too good

Average chain reaction game, with average animation and music.

Nothing new or important. 2/5

Just another chain reaction game

Nothing really new here. Clusters and black holes were fun, and added a little extra to the game, but when it came down to it, I thought it was just another chain reaction game. The first few levels are always fun - "Ooh look at all those colors! Explosions! Neat!" And then you get into the harder levels, and the fun factor diminishes as you retry levels over and over, hoping maybe this time I'll get lucky and pass the level. No? Come on! There's only two left! And they're RIGHT next to each other!