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Reviews for "Nuclearoids"


dont play this game high...

Maybe a little biased...

... but the fact it is based much on luck really reduces the fun for me.

Other than that it was quite nicely done and very aesthetically pleasing, except the music which it was good that it could be turned off. Only problem was it doesn't stay amusing for very long, can get a bit boring quite quickly.

Really good programming, but...

Its clearly a luck based random game. I wish there was more into the game design and QA.

But I will give it to you guys for making us busy and not bored. Incredible effects..

Love it

The reviewer below is fair in saying that this game relies much more on luck than skill, but that doesn't bother me.. it's just very fun to play and I love the nuclear physics element of the gameplay. The ultra-fluid framerate is a dream for the eyes.

PORT THIS GAME TO THE IPHONE!! I guarantee you this would be very successful in the app store. (maybe add some more touch- or tilt-based elements to the gameplay if you do go this route)


Its an impressive piece of flash... don't get me wrong. Crisp animations, catchy soundtrack, and funky colours definitely draw in a good crowd. However I can't help but notice the illusion of skill... With the "1st try" and similar bonuses after each level to the ability to make the first shot, it can look like there is an element of skill to this game. But with the physics engine and the randomized Nuclearoid placement for each level... it looks more like there is more of a luck element.

Still a good play though. :)