Reviews for "Nuclearoids"

Great :D

Graphics, gameplay, difficulty, I love it all. Good job :D

Cool, but too random.

I like this game. The music is great and the graphics are very nice. It just lacks a little something when it comes to gameplay. Everything is just very random. Even the nuclearoids placement at the beginning of each level is random (just try and restart a level, and you'll see), and it's not a matter of skill if you win or fail a level, because no matter what you do, you can't really predict the outcome. I like that the different nuclearoids have different characteristics, but it doesn't really help much as it is too random. However, I enjoyed playing this game, so I'll still give it an 8.


THIS GAME IS ADDICTING but it would be better,after me,to show you how many nuclearoids you have destroyed and some upgrades but nice3 game


Random as hell this game would be a lot better if the player's skill could be used instead of luck. Awesome graphics and sound. Gameplay is great.

I'm a fan of this type of game.

Yes it's a great game.
But I've seen so many types of this kind of game.
I see you've put in some of your own tastes and balls and whatnot, but I can't give you a ten because Chain Reaction was first.
4/5 Good job!