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Reviews for "Nuclearoids"

Fun but flawed.

Visually impressive but nothing new.

The main problem with the game, as a lot of other people have said is that it is completely random whether you finish a level or not. it's not down to timing or skill it's either you do or you don't.
Also the health aspect of some of the Nuclearoids made it a bit tedious. Like when you manage to hit the remaining one but it still has health left.

Music was also repetitive and mute worthy.

All in all 6/10 . Fun to play for 5 mins but overall forgetable due to poor gameplay


I have been waiting for a game like this for a long, long time now!

The effects are AMAZING and the game itself is one of the best ive ever played!

Insta fave 5/5 10/10


keep making games like this youll be a star


nice job trippy as shit could do with some slight improvements but awsome job

looks amazing

..........(cant think of anything to say).................