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Reviews for "Nuclearoids"


Well, as others already noted. This is more of a visual show than a game.
Even more so that often clearing a stage is a matter of luck, unless you got supercomputer brain able to calculate every trajectory and collision with included vector changes after each explosion :P

well, was still somewhat fun to play.
If I might suggest, implement quick restart button or something. Like space/enter to reset the stage, so we won't need to use the menu from the top right corner each time. (extra lazy option)


cool game


I really like what I'm seeing so far. Visually the game is beautiful, that is some top notch animation, but it does lack in the gameplay area. I could just click in the center and basically that's an automatic win. But aside from that, it's visually great and the music is really awesome too, but the gameplay couldn't keep me hooked. Great job.


Science has never been this fun. very great game.

Could be great

Very, very nice visuals. Sadly the actual game was based on nothing but luck. The problem here is that it lacks the feel of a game. I completed most of the levels just by clicking in the middle couple of restarted times. I think player should have more control on what´s happening in game.

Kept me hooked till the end though. The colorful FXs, cool explosions and fitting sound effects made it very much worth the time.

Visuals: 10 easily
As a game: 5 barely