Reviews for "Nuclearoids"

this is good my for autism (for my autism) and i like it

Good game, excellent graphics and music, but it's just too short! Fifteen levels for this kind of game isn't enough. And for that reason only I knocked off half a star. Solid gameplay, though.

Wow. Technically, this is 5/5 or excellent.

But I want to be fair. As the other reviews buffle me with score, I have to say, nope. When you compare to other brilliant, genuine ideas, riddles and storytelling, artwork and clever level-design, this is completely hollow. It's a game-mimic, suited for drunk idle-players. It simply cannot be in the same category as other AAA-makings in the 4/5-5/5 class of newgrounds.

The other reviews I find really interesting to be so good, but I made my point. Maybe this phenomenon points a bit towards the low-skill domain which is interesting, though.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about this game, it's made flawless.

Thanks for sharing!

I adore this game. It's possibly the most beautiful game I have ever played. I don't even mind losing a level, I will just sit there in dumb amazement watching the screen. Please make more games like this.

Awesome game I have literally played this for hours! Then I found out theres on just like it on iPad called Celluloids!!!! So epic!!!!!!!!!!