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Very hard game

I have to say this is almost like OCD except you're being encouraged to play through each and every last game to get all the passwords for the core in the game, that being said, this is a very difficult game to play with.

Gameplay: Very hard, time consuming, and requiring a good amount of memorizing and thought.

Audio: The choice in music was to say the least... very classy except for the white noise for the computer code mini-game, very good audio choices.

Overall: I can't really say that much about the game aside from it being difficult and time consuming.

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can not play the game but i like the song so this rating is for the song

and the game a give 0/10

What is this?

It's just a ton of numbers.

i love it

In my opinion if you compare OCD+ with =CORE= is =CORE= a joke, in my opinion =CORE= was more easier then OCD+ , everybode whot thinks =CORE= is hard doesn't understand the game. At first the challenge with the Binary codes, was with a little trick easy to fullfill the code , and the message of the binary code was a lil bit funny but with no sense ;D the radio was in my opinion the hardest, at first i don't understand how to pass it but then i hav understand it, its really easy !!, the TRAP thing it's the easiest, i think everybody get this at his first try and the Secret Code, i find it with luck. At the End i liked the game a lot, it was a quite challenging but funny and if you get all the codes your understand what the ''=CORE='' is.
Good Luck and cheers 2 Ugolegend !!

AAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I beat your tricks at long last! :D

Well done, sir. It was annoying and challenging, and I'd nearly given in to getting a flash decompiler to see the ending, but I solved it all the same! My god, Radio is insidious. Frustrating as all get-out, but doable. You hear that, commenters!? You CAN do it!

At least... I think I did it. I saw the notifier for 'a step to the end' or something, but that medal is still locked. Did I miss a final devious puzzle? (I know the medal is 0pts, but hey I wanted a challenge and boy did I get one!)

Again, WELL PLAYED. Never do this again. :D