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Reviews for "Halloween Special 2010"

not bad..

i thought it was pretty cool

but here is the quirks

theres no real light source in the shading work on that
and when there throwing items at the man it goes really slowly not like a real throw

also it was decent length for a short so thats good overall nice..


this is way better than mine, but mine was only my PILOT episode sooooo my animation will be the shits next time.

itsChrisLife responds:

im sure it will be awesome :3
so...friends? :)


nice man but the voice is so weak and when you throw some thing is so slow next time make it faster and about the voice if you need some voice tell me id like to help you :)

itsChrisLife responds:

lol,ok dude :3
but u commented and didnt vote :/

The Best Movie Ever Made Ever

By far this is the best movie ever made.

The character design is brilliant. No ears or nose, and not even eyeballs. Just little green circles. The shading was phenomenal, because you were original. Most people think, "Hey, I'm going to make shadows that make sense!" You were original, which I deeply admire. You completely schooled those people who used "human anatomy" and "light sources".

My favorite part, by far, was the voice acting. They made the story that much more interesting. For a second I thought it was George Clooney talking. I thought "How did itsChrisLife get George Clooney?" Then I realized it was your friends. Seriously, bravo. Tell them nice job. Best voice acting not only on Newgrounds, but the internet. Perhaps in the history of EVER.

The story line was complex and amazing. I sat down and thought I would watch a flash animation. This was something more. It was like watching every amazing movie I've ever seen at once. It was an orgasm to the eyes.

This is a pivotal point not only for Newgrounds, but for mankind.
Bravo, itsChrisLife. Bravo.

itsChrisLife responds:

at least u didnt give me a '0'... thx i guess...


That was awesome chris!!!
Would of got ten if it was longer :D!