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Reviews for "Halloween Special 2010"

Pretty good

I'd just like to point out a bit of criticism:

-the sound was loud at some parts then quiet at other parts, yet the whole time i needed my volume on full?

-The egg splatter was a little slow, still looked okay though

-When they turn pale white, their skin should have faded into white.

But nice animation!

itsChrisLife responds:

thanks...and every criticism you pointed out(except the sound part) was meant to be like that :3

really funny

hey its actually great yes its me anyway you are inspiering er i still cant spell i wish i had a tablet oh yeah sorry bout this but you need to work on the mouths a bit
C ya hope ur well u are now (sort of) my (sort of) idol.

C ya -Josh

Best so far

Whats with the 'too slow throwing' thing. I considered it as slow motion and I was happy with it. Anyways, onto the review:

As I said from the title, its your best so far. Characters and their animations were smooth. The only thing is the voice [as many people have complained about it]. It's sounds like "flu'ish", but I think you don't really use your english to talk much [Like I don't, expect for my Livestreams].

Anywhoo, hope I can see your works in the future. Keep em' comin, boi!

itsChrisLife responds:

it lags because its all made with tweens :S thanks for the comment anyways!

It your best so far

Evrything was good but one problem i found was the lip sych it didnt really match up with the sound also the animation was some what rough but didnt you get a drawing tablet? But it was a farily decent flash :D

itsChrisLife responds:

see? u commented a video on youtube saying some mean stuff abt me,and i asked "why r u being mean,you know me and i havent done anything to you"...u sqaid u didnt knew me...........

Awesome Work!

Hey, Chris, this was really cool!
The animation and everything was awesome.
Be sure to put it on your YouTube account!