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Reviews for "Halloween Special 2010"


Good animation and drawing style!! LOL at "its Halloween?"


pretty good

itsChrisLife responds:

screw you


it was funny

Close to perfect

it needs better voice acting other than that great job!


you have improved, however there are a few things that kinda stand out in this.

That egg, toilet paper roll, and axe were thrown too slow. It would be 5x as funny with it sped up.

Your voice acting, along with your friends, are pretty poor and you all need better mics, the sound effects (obviously tooken from flash kit) were MUCH louder then the actual dialouge you guys exchanged. You seem like a fine voice actor, but are going in the wrong direction. You need to annunciate more and while i do know you can't get rid of your accent, you can include more emotion in your voice.

One aspect that bugged THE CRAP OUT OF ME and prevented me from giving you a higher score was the fact that you kind of built it up so that you can make this like a 10 minute flash. Its almost as if you were going to make it longer but you got lazy and it was halloween, so you just cut it short and left it like that. A longer version with, oh i dont know, another house or two, maybe a twist or something would have made this 2 minute question mark flash into something good.

Your mouth movements are truly your own and thats what i like about this, you still have that twelve year old sense of humour, but your getting better and better