Reviews for "Bonehead: Halloween"

God Damn have you improved!

Its ridiculous! Your line quality is awesome, the colors, the voices, the lip synch, the animation, the sound effects, the humor, the plot! ITS ALL AWESOME!

CaseyAnimates responds:

Thanks a bunch, man, glad you've been keepin' up with the series!


platform 9 and 3/4??? Classic


Good job on the preloader , and the animation was really nice.
And btw,How da hell did L-Man get that much candy after just 2 HOUSES?!?!?!

Your preloader

I swear it was dodging my mouse. I missed twice haaha! Great animation!

CaseyAnimates responds:

Haha, my bad! :D

Best Bonehead yet

Seconded only to Bagsworth in my list of favorite shiz

CaseyAnimates responds:

Bonehead: "Thanks a bunch, man!"
Bagsworth: "POH, lad!! I do say! I scoff at the notion of finding anything more entertaining then myself!"