Reviews for "Bonehead: Halloween"

dont dissappoint

just wanted you to know I've been a fan of yours since the beginning and i have to say, this does not disappoint. The animation is simple yet not too flashy, which is something i enjoy in an animation. i mean yes, it may be a tad simple but the story and humor cover for it. well played and cannot wait to for the next one.

-your fan, winter
( rating 10/10)

CaseyAnimates responds:

Thanks a bunch!


The only thing that wasn't cool about it was the length, but for only 2 weeks of work, it rocks

10 - good, funny, simple and not to short either

9 because my mouse just broke, so I had no choice, but if it hadn't you would of gotten a 10.

hmmm not a bad flash

think that it should have been a lil longer, and said a lil bit more about the background story of each char....

Friggin' Plastered!

Amazing, so random, so funny... amazing work, you deserve the 10