Reviews for "Bonehead: Halloween"

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I swear it was dodging my mouse. I missed twice haaha! Great animation!

CaseyAnimates responds:

Haha, my bad! :D



Ah, Irony at its best.

Definitely enjoyable and very well done with a unique style. Also, Funny. Very funny.
That's all.



really fun

Awesome-cakes xD

That's funny ^_^
I appreciate that humor, I really liked it.
Really good animation too.
What kinda drew me in even more is that I used to draw a character exactly like that (The grim reaper one) of course without the grim reaper clothing, but yeah, that exact same design back when I was in like, kindergarten till 5th grade.
I used to make lots of comics with him getting into ridiculous accidents.
Named him Freddy lol. So it was shocking to see the same character design on a completely unrelated place and time.
So, high five for awesomeness, and keep up the good work ^_^

CaseyAnimates responds:

Ha, that's pretty cool! Bonehead started out as a comic character too, so that's pretty ironic to say the least!

Thank you!