Reviews for ""The Waxwork" Preview"

Why did it cut to black so many times?

I thought it ended about 4 different times, and was expecting some sort of fade out but it never came. That was a bit odd. The drawing style is great, but it didn't translate into animation very well. However, the eery mood is created quite well with the music, animations and effects, and I am very much interested in seeing the next part.


is the contest over?

not loading up

for some reason the flash is not loading up for me??????

Could be improved

Some of the animation feels clunky or just sort of off, like the handshake. Most of it is okay.

The sound is okay. The storm sounds good but the music is pretty flat and generic, if not annoying sometimes. Voice acting is alright. Better than the music, for sure.

Oh, and the rain visuals were kinda bad. Ripples covering multiple heights with no puddles or anything to carry them... Huh. Are the rain drops vengeful spirits out to kill the reporter? Is that foreshadowing? If not, it's worth fixing.

Looks good!

Good animation, and kind of interesting plot.
But the music let it down for me.
When this comes out next year its going to be very scary !
Just improve the music. Its a bit dissonant, and not in the scary, creepy way. Thats all I have to say.