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Reviews for "WHOOKOS Beta: Halloween"

Another one

This one's awesome too. I love the length and effort put into these. That pretty much alone makes them. All the flash submissions these days are so half assed and most are just pointless demos and previews. You went all the way with these and made a full episode. Mega props for that, and a good review you shall have.

The animation and drawings were great, and the voice acting was good. Subtitles are great to have, and I like your beginning menus and ending credits. Keep up the good work with these.

Love the flash style..

Awesome... "I'm a civil attorney"... Loved that cause i was a civil attorney for halloween.


it was pretty good, also i loved the origami planes part, nice job guys :)


dude swiffer is hilarious but one question, in your other vids why does rat sound like Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy?

I've seen this so many times. It's still epik! I love it! I always will. I especially love the Blargan part. Plus, I cant wait for A.E. Chronics No. 4! They ain't tat apocalyptic though. Should probably make em wander around more than they are. And I want the next Whookos episode out rat now! >:O Take your time though, as long as it ain't past May. :D Anyways, love the movie.