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Reviews for "WHOOKOS Beta: Halloween"


You lowlifes below obviously weren't around long enough in the old days. In the OLD days, this was funny. The shit you consider funny now, is full of cussing, pornography and all of the above. Epic fail.

- Dude. Scoot person. I miss your Zelda series. :[ I followed up until the last episode and was quite disappointed it was discontinued.

I didn't think it was funny.

Is it supposed to be funny? Because this is just seriously unfunny. Maybe you were not funny in 2003. Even though, you could have improved it.

Also, the way you tween is really robotic and unnatural.

Origami Fox-2

This one was awesome !!!
the whole animation was marvelous
hope you prepare another one for this year


Actually, the only thing that was good about it was the animations.
The story was totally fucked up and the jokes are just sad,
sorry to say but you just dissapoint me :/

I need the music...

I need the music at the end :(