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Reviews for "WHOOKOS Beta: Halloween"

great as ever but...

i noticed it says it was animated by "Soot"..hm, i wonder who soot is? his animation is a lot like scoot's. XP typos ftw


Not too sure what just happened I want my 5 minutes of life back :(

It was all teleporting and the story made no sense one second you was doing one thing and the next you're doing something else, voice acting wasn't too bad although microphones were very crackly, i'm not really going to bother waste time pointing out how to help you in your story etc... because i have no doubt you wouldn't take it into consideration, STORY NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN A TONNE BETTER.


Either BB ran out of food/moutaindew: code red, or he doesnt know how to write/produce a story at all. I couldn't follow this at all. Again this is like whookos episode 3 minus any humor with nothing of redeeming quality. Every thing I said for 3 can apply for this special. Its kind of surprising to see how well this is getting received but when you consider that Autistic dribble the mongoloid users of your site submitted for your halloween special, All of which were revoltingly bad by the way. I really dont know what else to say. The tweens are overated do more Frame by frame. The end

nice movie, makes my weekend more happy

also, it was based on a 2003/2004 comic ? it stills looks very nice, also the bald was very funny, almost like the tank voice from left 4 dead

simply said,

awsum as allways ^^ keep it up guys :P