Reviews for "madness exmortis"

Not bad.

It needs work though. It seemed like you were content to just throw random things. Why were there zombies? Who is the red guy? Who the hell is flippy and flaky? Plus animation was choppy. It's not bad, though. Just need to polish it up.

OK xD.

you are good now :P

no credict for me at least giving you the sprite

thats not nice :(

Bantuatha responds:

sorry but MacroCastro give me a epic mask.

thats shitty

but you are makink what you can, i mean you are making an effort, keep going and maybe you should improve


i wont lie this is much better stuff than what u put on youtube, but its still pretty sketchy. doesnt look like you put a lot of effort into the animation and there were several parts where it showed carelessness on your part, example, when one of the characters bodies covered the VCAM. try a bit harder