Reviews for "madness exmortis"

Lol awsome

ima send you my sprite of me :D

Choppy and slow

this is very choppy and slow. you really need to learn to boost up the frame rate, smooth out the animation, and animate feet better

also wtf does flibby and flaky's love have to do with a madness animation, those are not even names. and why are there zombies and then agents, what is this? a zombie apocalypse aswell?

like i said u need to smooth up everything, fix the feet and raise the fps and it should look atleast watchable.

Bantuatha responds:

well you see there zombies and guards who work with Vlaew

and those 2 agent, are twin smith.

ok....I'll try harder

Ok, I guess

Good animation, but I don't know what's happening. Pls explain in ur next one.