Reviews for "SMB: Deleted Scenes No. 1"

This can only get better!

Very good. Video game parodies/outtakes rock!

TheShrike responds:

Thanks a lot.

The easter egg is the best part

for those who havent noticed in the lower right corner you can click and you get a treat

TheShrike responds:

Really? The BEST part?

Nice Job

It was good where did you get the Idea? cool but the movie almost gave me a seizure e-mail me at rollercoaster_tycoon@hotmail.com if I spelled seizure wrong

TheShrike responds:

No, you spelled it right, as far as I know.
The ideas were just bits and pieces floating around my skull.

Thanks for the review!


dude where you making that sound of mario talking man that was funny that i lagh so loud LMAO!!

TheShrike responds:

Yep. That was-a me!

this is crazy!!11!!

I got the ending and the voices were awsome!Good work.

TheShrike responds:

Thanks, I appreciate your review!