Reviews for "SMB: Deleted Scenes No. 1"


Words cannot describe how bored you must have been to make this.

TheShrike responds:

Well, one word can... "pretty"

Nice Job

It was good where did you get the Idea? cool but the movie almost gave me a seizure e-mail me at rollercoaster_tycoon@hotmail.com if I spelled seizure wrong

TheShrike responds:

No, you spelled it right, as far as I know.
The ideas were just bits and pieces floating around my skull.

Thanks for the review!


Yeah, I know im not usually a big fan of NES flashes but those mushrooms needed a revison! Great to see mario as a stoner. Good overall, nothing bad, nothing super outstanding. I dont know what you could do to improve it much, sorry

TheShrike responds:

As far as improvements? It was a simple idea, no need to get too elaborate. Thanks for the review.

So F***ed Up It Was Funny...

Good Job..

TheShrike responds:


Not bad...Not bad at all

Pretty funny, but could have used more scences.

TheShrike responds:

Yeah, well #1 was fairly simplistic. you should check out #2, that should help quench your thirst.