Reviews for "Treadmillasaurus Rex"

Literally my only complaint is the fact that the treadmill can (and usually does) get faster than our poor little prehistoric test subject can run, making death by laser/death by spike almost impossible to avoid after a certain point.

I think Dante would agree that this party's getting crazy

i dont always lose a life but when i do it's two lifes in a row

I have to say. T rex, treadmill, and a wheel of awesome, this game is really awesome. It made me laugh and scream. Because of the high scores. Reminds me of Robot Unicorn Attack. Because of the high score system, not the game play. Really addictive game play though. Definitely in my favorite list. Kep up the good work. Definitely worth a 5.

I love this game! I have a question though..Is it possible to actually get the WIN THE GAME slot in the wheel? I swear it's there for trolling...