Reviews for "Treadmillasaurus Rex"

Really great dude! Burning calories is more fun now :P

I really didn't like this. Sure it's goofy and the graphics are nice but the biggest issue is simplicity and difficulty. This game is way too easy and gets hard way too slowly - I scored an easy 60,000 on my first try but it took so long I don't want to shoot for 100,000. The spinning wheel is just too gimmicky and when the treadmill gets too fast you end up holding down the jump button indefinitely, so basically the game is just about coping with the wind and hoping the spike balls don't end up under you when you land. This definitely needs more to it - right now it's like a bad prototype of a platform game.

Great game i love all your games since.

Great game, though none of the medals are being unlocked.

canĀ“t care about spikes or lasers MUST DANCE!