Reviews for "Reincarnation: AHE"

good as always

like what you did for this one. by the way, how do you set him on fire and get the other medals besides, chemial death,black lungs, and jack o demon.

Futurama reference?

Darcy sounds like that crab doctor, forgot his name. :P

Anyways, great game!
Keep it up!


I'd prefer a much longer... game than several episodes. I mean, I know you're trying... but... it's annoying to "start, do a few things, end." Even releasing a number of episodes bundled together... would be nice. I know you're putting stuff out as fast as you can... and I appreciate that, but... I want a longer game.

Eh, enough complaining. I'm been a fan of this series since the beginning. And it never disappoints. On the other hand, it doesn't change much either...

Still, I award you my 10/10 and 5/5. Congrats on the good (evil) work.

great but

wat r the secret medals

to get fire death medal get the candle and cigarette but and when at the last room light candle then clik bed
to get chemical kill get bucket and window cleaner then at the last room put the window cleaner in the bucket then go to kitchen click on a bench under the sink get the bleach then put the bleach in the bucket.
happy halloween :)

Simply Loved it!!! <3

I loved the jackolanturn as a bonus trophy. The game was alot faster and simpler to navigate than the others in the series but none the less it was awesome!!!! Wish I knew what the other three unknown trophies where.