Reviews for "Reincarnation: AHE"

XD sweeeeet

got 3 medals, 2 ways of killing and the one where you get 'creative' with the candle and knife...having a nice time figuring the other ones out :L

amazing game :3 not too confusing like the one with the air vents you have to crawl around in. I have just used up half an hour of my time....and LOVED it! :)

and later on can you do a 'win a doll' competition where if someone comes up with the best story idea including dialouge and images of the scenes and how to coplete the game, then they win a reincarnation doll. :)

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

Great as always can't wait for the next one!!!!!!

Love it but...

When im going between the house and the side where the locked cellar door is the game kind of freezes... clicking the arrows stops working so I get stuck on the street. Anyone else having that problem?


Brilliant game. You'll never get enough of this series though. Great job :)


use the cigarrete on the demon..