Reviews for "Reincarnation: AHE"


When i distracted him with water and got the cup and put those sleeping stuff on it. I kan't make him drink it like its unklickable. I had toi refresh to fix :l


in the area with the dog u see someone in the window and ur supposed to find them in the house the kids are in basement and old guy is sleeping
i cant go into the bathroom though
who is the other person?

awsome as heck got all medals!!! B)

heres how to get the medals. [SPOILER ALERT]

1. hit kid with ten rocks
2.make scary jack-o-lantern with Knife, and lit candle( use ciggaret on candle)
3.use ciggaret on demon
4. burn the darcy to death. (use the lit candle on him when hes asleep)
5. use chemicals to kill darcy. (use the bucket, window cleaner from basment, and the bleach from under the sink)
easy as pie! your welcome

two secret medals

1 making a demon pumpking combine cigarret and candle and get knife from de kithen use knife with pumpking then lit candle

2 use cigarret on demon


i got all the medals it was fun.