Reviews for "Reincarnation: AHE"


(Sleep Through A Fire Drill) 1. set the candle on fire and put it on Darcy when he's sleeping
(My Chemical Death) 2. put the bucket down by Darcy's bed while he's sleeping, then put the window cleaner and bleach in the bucket
(Black Lungs) 3. click on the cigarette then click on the demon
(I Don't Know, Sorry!) 4. (everyone couldn't figure this one out!) play the game on Halloween
(Jack O Demon) 5. use the knife on the pumpkin, then light the candle with the cigarette and put the candle inside of the pumpkin
(Stoning) 6. throw 10 rocks at the children before you ring the doorbell

You're welcome guys :P
Also, I LOVE the reincarnation series. It's getting off great!
-Jeffrey D.

Seriously.... who would pay £120 just for a shirt a doll a picture and stickers???? it is only a small game.

Do the medals have an expiration date? They aren't working in any of these games. It's a fantastic series though! :)

I got half way through I think and the game froze.
Still though what I did play was fun and not to hard.
I love these games.

Lilg your now my hero.

well my little girl wait till October 2012 celebrating halloween little girl wanna be a ghost sheet for halloween