Reviews for "Reincarnation: AHE"


Glitch. When I put the water in the mug or put the sleeping pills then water in the mug and then go left, it freezes. :( Otherwise, good game.

Medals Spoiler

**Medals Spoiler - Don't read if you don't want to!**

1st - Use the lit candel on the bed sheets while he's sleeping.
2nd - Use the bucket and the 2 other products while he's sleeping.
3rd - When you get the cigarette, use it on the demon.
4th - Play on Halloween day OR change your computer time to 31 October.
5th - Use the knife + lit candel on the 'boring pumpkin' outside. You'll lose the candel.
6th - Throw the rock at the vampire kid 10 times BEFORE ringing the bell.

Hate and rate me bad if you want to, but it's says spoiler. Anyway, 10* game, keep it up!

I love this series

All of the games in this series are amazing especially this one :D


i love reincarnation series!

very nice

although there is a minor bug, in the area with the car it sometimes freezes.

keep em coming