Reviews for "Reincarnation: AHE"

Very very good game.And cactusmoon dont worry i will give you the walktrought:First ring the door bell.Second take rocks and throw at the vampire kid.For third go to the open door house and take keys,candel and cigaret.Fourth go to the next room wheres Darcy take the cup.Fifth go to Darcy's bedroom and grab the bug on the fall and the bills.Sixth use the bills on the cup.Seventh go to kitchen and release the bug as clicking on him.Eight use the cup on the water sink and then click on Darcy.Nine click on the white thingy and you will recive meat.Ten use pills on meat.Eleven go to the dog and give him the meat.Twelve use the silver key on the lock.Thirdteen go back to Darcy's house and lit the candel whit that cigar.Fourteen use the lit candel on the bed and your done :D.Sorry for my bad english i hope you get the game done

how do i unlock the basement door. there's a dog. How do i distract it? And how do i get the old man to take the sleeping pill in the cup?? HELP>>!!!!!

Amazing! Also, for those who are wondering:
For Fire Drill, combine the lit cigar with the candle. When the old fool's in bed, BURN HIM! For the Jack-O-Demon get the knife. use the knife on the pumpkin outside. Use the lit candle on it, and achievment. For black lungs, click on the demon with the cigar. For stoning, throw 10 rocks at the vampire kid in the beginning. (make sure you haven't rung the doorbell) For my chemical death ending, get the window cleaner from the basement , the bucket in the beginning, and bleach from one of the bottom cabinets in the kitchen. When the old fool is sleeping, put the bucket with the bed, put the window cleaner in, then bleach. For Trick-O-Treat, play this on Halloween. I hope this helped!

I like your games, but they keep glitching up and won't half of them won't give me medals... and half way through the game I suddenly can't click anything on your game or go anywhere.

Keep'em coming. I love this games.
About the "Trick or Treat" medal? how do i get it?