Reviews for "Reincarnation: AHE"

hey B-L-A-Z-E

Screw you!

hey B-L-A-Z-E

You deserve a SEESAW TO THE SACK!

Hey B-L-A-Z-E

Screw you you idiot, this is a great game

Hey "B-L-A-Z-E"

If you cannot appreciate the hard work of the author (LiLg) and the others, then just GTFO. First of all why are you here if you don't like it? 'Effin Nub.

How.. How is this game a good game?

I really don't like these types of games in general. They're way too easy, and it's really boring because all you're doing is clicking.
I mean why does this game have such a high rating? It sucks. Like all you do is go around clicking things to make other things happen. It's like an escape game but not. The graphics are not great, and the main character is just not good in general (graphics-wise). It could use some improvement; it's too simple. There should be no reason for this to be any better than average scoring. Unless it's just another one of those stupid games that got really promoted somehow. Or the first few people to rate it were too lazy to play the game before they rated it, and everyone else rated it a high score because it already was.... Does no one see these faults?!