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Reviews for "Don't Miss Her Wedding"

Last quote could be wrong

i mean, its not just a "moment" i mean its your whole lifetime of smoking ciagrettes, and if you like them enough to not quit them, well then whatever i guess.

but it was still amazing and heartfelt.

Really Great.

I showed this to my dad as my parents are expecting a new daughter soon. And he said he is going to give it a go. Only bad thing about this is that it's very specific I showed it to my mum and she wasn't very touched like my dad, because its about a man and his daughter.

Something Motivational on Newgrounds?

Who knew?

Great animation. Props for the Wiseau cameo!

jackbliss responds:

Ha ha... so you found him! Props to you bro and thanks for the review :D


That was pretty powerful great job,

This makes almost everyone (maybe near to it) cry.

Probably the best stop smoking video i have ever seen. Then again its probably because pretty much all of the video could be true to a family out there. Just thinking about that happening to me makes me want to punch a wall in tears. My dad had cancer in his throat because of smoking. He lived to tell the tale yet he is stupid enough to continue smoking.

To ALL people out there who are/considering to do smoking. DO NOT GO THERE. It may calm your nerves or make you think you are cool but to be honest it wastes your money, shortens your life and can put stress on pretty much your whole family. Just imagine losing your loved ones because of their habit. now think what you will do to them.

If you smoke then i'm sorry but you are quite selfish. You are hurting the feelings of a lot of people just doing so.