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Reviews for "Don't Miss Her Wedding"

Just great

I dont get why it just has 57000 views and a rating of 4.44 one of the best Movies i have ever seen on newgrounds.


i had a ilittle tear and i not a cyining guy. that was kinda like when my dad drank then when my family moved to america and i was born my dad stop drinkin( happy sad )

Sad, but good

I was crying at the end...it's really a good idea, and I think we need to get this message out to the rest of the world, mainly the people that don't spend all of their time on the computer like I do...

great movie

such a touching story T-T.i cried at the end.This a great movie, good job.


Oh my god, why did I start crying when I watched this? A lot of people should watch this. I wish I could give you one hundred stars!!