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Reviews for "Don't Miss Her Wedding"

So sweet

When i saw nene i thought it was just going to be another pico animation when they just kill stuff endlessly nice job man almost brought a tear to my eye

this is fantastic

I've seen this flash many times, and it never gets bad, I love the message, and it really touches my heart! I almost cry every time I see this. Both of my parents used to be smokers, and they quit cause of me and my sis, so I can relate. I've always hated smoking, and I hope people are inspired by this to quit smoking.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks so much for watching! Really glad both your parents quit and hope more people who really love their children are inspired by them. Hope you can share this small flash with people you think may need help. Also check out our YouTube at youtube.com/jackbliss for more videos :)

hate it

good but not good enough


this teached me somthing . im an akward 25 yeah old dude i started jrugs 2 months ago and i have a wife and daughter and i dont want to miss her wedding so yeah this is very influencing thanks :-D....

jackbliss responds:

No problem mate. Even I'm 25 and probably much more awkward lols... take care of your family bro and good luck with everything :D


I Love this.Real Cute