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Reviews for "Don't Miss Her Wedding"

Very sweet....

You don't usually find something with a moral on Newgrounds, but this was one of those great exceptions. This was a great video and it is completely true! Great job, dude!

Absolutely amazing...

I literally cried the first 2 times I saw this animation. By any chance, is it possible for me to have the sheet music for the song playing in the background? I want to play it for anyone that suffered not just a loss of family, friend, or lover, but anyone that suffered at all. Maybe it will inspire them... and after all, inspiration tends to be contagious. About the animation, great clairity, vivid meaning, and this is one of the few animations that isn't a music video I can happily say it doesn't need any other sound other than the music itself to be great. This animation actually brought me out of my 5-month hiatus, especially after I read GungaD's review and your response to it. It's actually a bit sad that this animation is where it is now, when it should be at least within the top ten flashes on Newgrounds. Of course, I'm not a harsh reviewer like him, so chances are, this review isn't really going to attract your attention at all. But still, think of the joy that you were given when he left that review. Now, imagine the joy of a smoker quitting after seeing your video. I will dub it "The Cycle of Happiness" and it will only start, if someone makes someone else happier. And you, a great animator, have started it all.


Beautiful. This was a gorgeous animation. I almost came to tears. Which says a lot for me. I lost two of my grandparents to smoking, and I never even got the chance to meet them. I think you did a wonderful job and I hope you continue to do well. Best of luck!

i know how the girl feels in the first vision...

my grandpa is living a long life... and he has cancer now

As Close to Perfect as Possible

I tend to have a VERY critical eye. (Just read my reviews if you don't believe me.) I cannot find a single thing about this flash that I did not like. I cannot find a single thing about this flash that needs improvement. The message that you are delivering came though in a poignant way that VERY seldom appears on NG. And you told the story in a way that was novel and unique. I dare anyone to come up with a reason why this shouldn't be a top 50 or even a top 10 flash.

If someone were to type "how to make a flash movie the right way" into Google, this flash should appear on the first page of listings. That is how good it is.

jackbliss responds:

This has to be one of my favorite reviews and highest tributes I've ever received in my LIFE! I read your other reviews and it left me speechless that someone who judges flash films with such high caliber finds my work to be absolutely perfect. It truly motivates me as an artist to keep making things of the same quality you just now marked it to be. Really thrilled about your Google statement too. In fact hope you don't mind I'm gonna share this review with a few of my friends on my Facebook page.

Take care and all the best for your future reviews and artists who are on the receiving end :)