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Reviews for "Haunt the House"


Awsome game for Halloween :)

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Thanks for the the ten!


Honestly who doesnt like scaring the pants off of people. I digged the retro music/gameplay. I honestly think the totem pole in the basement works best (or the bear) Now if only I could stop making them jump out the window = / 10/10 5/5

HEY, this game is pretty cool!

I'd never thought this game would be so much fun, I got an "A" rank, but I killed 1 person. LOL! We need more games like this one. Games that let you do just about anything to clear the level. How do you beat this game? How ever you like!


the secret medal is SHOOT FOR THE MOON!!! MEANING TOUCH THE MOON!!!!!!


It's fun and simple. The graphics and sound are too cute... The animation is smooth & it is just plain awesome!!! I luv it... please, please, please make a sequel:)

- If you want to check out the (S) ending-- don't scare anyone so much that you cause a suicide (try scaring 'em on the bottom floor)
- 9/10 medal -- the skeleton box in the ghost's room counts as an item
- Spice of Life-- you must use WASD or ^>V< on all the items (not just all 3 abilities)