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Reviews for "Haunt the House"

Fantastic fun!

Fun graphics, sounds and idea. Not too bothersome to play and enjoy. Solid 10/10 5/5


i had a lot of fun with this game, i could mention how more areas (or just space in general) or variety of things to haunt would have been nice, but those were pretty minor things for just a little fun halloween game.

it'd be cool to see this as a longer game too though with levels or different houses to move to.

also, i remember the sega genesis game one other reviewer mentioned and this reminded me of it a bit, so good on that.

8/10 stars
5/5 vote

I like it...it reminds me of another

game that I used to play years ago....just can't place my finger on the name....I think it was a game on either the CD-i or Sega CD. 20 billion points if you can remember it! lol

My favorites were the table and the moose head.

I ended up killing two people. Actually saw one jump out the window!


Amazing game. Really fun idea. The combination of the amazing physics (looks very complicated to code but simple to play) and cool graphics really work together. Great job.

The house....

It has been haunted :D. Awesome game, I like how people jump; out the windows to kill themselves out of fear LOL.

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

They can't resist the fluttering curtains