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Reviews for "The Haunted Soup Spoon"


I really liked this, nice work of animations, made me happy to see some good skills. Where did you get the sound effects from?

Nothing to say

really entertaining good job.

seriously... a spoon?

no comments


The preloader was a bit too gimmicky. Its fine that it eats your mouse the first time, maybe after it does it becomes a regular button? I dunno it was kind of annoying and needlessly so for something so vital as a button that starts your whole movie.

As for the movie itself. I found it to be a fun concept. The reviewer below me should lighten up. Not everything really needs to be explained. I was comfortable with the spoon / kitchen being haunted for no reason.
Anyway my main gripe is that the characters are sticks. I woulda really enjoyed this if the character was an actual character with facial expressions and more memorable appearance.

Well animated....however

I loved the animated knives and the action; however, the story behind the spoon was nowhere to be seen. I know you called it the haunted soup spoon but that does not explain why it is haunted. You begin by showing it in a pot. I would have begun my piece with a table and then had the spoon move from the table to the pot. Or I might have had the spoon try to please the visitor and then get dissatisfied with his guests behavior. It was good but it could have been much better.