Reviews for "elmo the zombie"


original, badly animated, nice voice acting, it was really great.

mecagir responds:

thanks,not sure why my bad animating was great but still thanks lol

nice hehe

it was alright - i'm guessin that this is from seasma street? i'm slow , sorry.. it was pretty good flash doh... good job, umm, i like the grover part.. the brain eatting and eye eatting was tastey :-)

mecagir responds:

why thank you and yes 2/4 of them are from sesame street mathman (the purple on) and the doctor (bearded guy) are my creations tho

Not bad, still a few issues

I like the thought. I have a few questions. If Elmo ate that other guy's eyes, how did they come back? If Elmo ate all of his brains, how did he come back as a zombie? And how doe suing a chainsaw to cut the already broken empty skull do anything?
Chocking someone with their own skin is kinda amazing. Props for creativity on that one. Have the eyes stay gone and have Elmo only eat half the brain. That should fix things.

mecagir responds:

thanks good catch with the chainsaw, however notice how when the doctor (bearded guy) is skinned and choked the eyeless zombie feels his face. later you see that the bearded guy (doctor) has no eyes but somehow the eyeless zombie does. put simply the eyeless zombie stole the doctors eyes. that's why he felt his face and smiled when touching an eye.

happy tree friends fan xD

its looks nice the voices are great but still needs some more music and improve the animations :D

mecagir responds:

i LOOOVE htf. and thanks for the input. I am getting better with those 2 issues,slowly but surely.

This Is REALLY Good Stuff

This is the funniest zombie flash I have ever seen. And I'd also number it among the funnier flashes I have seen in general. I'm hard pressed to come up with something that is negative about it. Though it is simplistic, I like your art style. The story was well-paced and scripted. And the humor, especially the Grover-eating scene, were hilarious. The sound effects were well done. If there is anything that needs improvement:

--a slightly cleaner art style, especially to make it look less 2-D. There are places where it is obvious that you used simple shapes/polygons, which contrasts with your drawing style.

--I had to watch twice to see how Grover got his eyesight back. So making sure there are no plot holes.

--getting voice actors who sound a bit more like the characters you portray.

But again, these are minor things. This is a great flash and I hope it gets you at least a daily award. Creative, with a unique style and funny from start to finish. It doesn't get much better than this.

mecagir responds:

wow. Im glad you liked it, thanks for your input I really appreciate it (especially the award thing) I am trying to improve my drawing style and it is getting better slowly but surely. also it seems a few people missed that Grover stole the doctors eyes. but anyways thanks for commenting I'm glad you thought it was so funny and unique :)