Reviews for "Light Fright"

Nice music

This was a very simple game, but that did not stop it from at least being a little bit of fun. I was confused as to why the Boo was yellow when normally the Boos in the games are white. Or, I think they are all white. If anyone wants to know how to get the first medal (which is worth 0 points, BTW) just get over 500 points. I think the next one you probably get by getting over 1,000 points and so on. It was just lacking detail in a lot of areas, but at least it had a pretty soft tone to it. I especially like how graceful it sounds.

Mariofan9 responds:

Thank you much for your review.
The medal is worth 0 Points because the Admins would not approve it, sadly.
Next time I make a game, I will put more detail into it.

1760 Points

i thought this game was good i liked it alot it was fun it also reminds me of the ghost from super mario this is a fun game though

Mariofan9 responds:

Heh. Thanks.

Enjoyed it for the most part

First off, I really like the music. Good job on writing that yourself =D You could have a variety of music though... Your flash skills are pretty good. There is room for improvement, I'm sure you know this already. Just like "Bildo8" I too figured out the pattern for the light. It took me a while though because I kept dying D=

Gameplay was good. Considering the simple nature of the game I don't see how the gameplay could be improved other than adding some more levels or allowing you to move up and down? I'm just throwing out ideas....

Overall, I enjoyed the game. I'm sure your flash skills will improve and you will eventually become a flash GOD!!! Maybe XD. Keep up the good work =D

Mariofan9 responds:

Heh heh, thank you much.

I'll try to put in more variation and content next time.

Thanks for the review.

Kinda cool

If you mebbe add some platforming into this game it would be cool. Have the Ghost platform while having to hide from the random light.

Mariofan9 responds:

Thank you. Platforming, huh...? Should be a challenge for my feeble AS3 skills, but thanks for the suggestion.

This could be better.

I definately see potential in you and your flashes. This one just needs a few more touches to put meat on its bones. Right now its a little anorexic!

Firstly, try to add more than one song. That one gets a little boring pretty fast. Or perhaps a longer one that would not distract the user from the game by being to irritating or repetitive.

Second, I suggest you put more obstacles/rewards in the game. Maybe there is walls of light that you have to go up and down to avoid? Perhaps a switch that if you hit it will turn all lights off for a time? Something that gives players pause, makes them have to strategize a little. A complex game isn't always a good one, but a game thats too simple can be bland. This one could use the spice ;)

Lastly, maybe a difficulty changer? Easy/Normal/Hard and the like. Making the game a little more difficult if you so choose would make it more challenging and more worth it to beat.

I don't know why, but I like you. Keep making flashes and I hope to see the updated version of this game, and perhaps other games/flashes too!


Mariofan9 responds:

Your friendly review is highly appreciated!

Yeah, next to my ActionScript 3, my composing skills also need a little work... I seem to lose any inspiration after 10 seconds of music has been written.

I was afraid that I'd make things a little too complicated for a first, but I'll probably make a sequel with more obstacles. Thanks for your suggestions.

A difficulty changer... that should be within my skill of programming.

Well, thanks a ton for your useful critique and review. I'll probably make a sequel to this one some day... sadly, spare time might become rarer and rarer over time.