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Reviews for "Kon Tiki (WorkInProgress)"

Oh yeah it's D-CHAIN! Epic build m8. The drop kinds reminds me of Knife Party. :p

D-Chain responds:

Haha thanks Qwamii! im glad you still breath in the same space as i lol.
i get what you mean, the percussion drop..
there is lots of m out there, still i always wanted to do atleast 1. :P

Oh wow, this is awesome, I love the lead instrument and that drop.

Nice, nice dancesound!

You really like starting new projects? Just like me, I've got lots of unfinished ones haha.
But wow this piece was amazing! Maybe after the drop (1:16) a bit more instruments? Also after the drop it felt like something was clipping, not sure, but it could be the kick, you can hear some in the really left. Overall I liked it much. The melody in the start is nice and the percussion sounds amazing. Looking forward to the full version (if there will be one :P)

D-Chain responds:

the clipping you might be hearing is from a drum-sample, not the kick ;)
its hard to remove the damn clipping because me kick is pretty darn powerfull,
i assumed a few would hear the clipping lol
a bit more instruments after the drop?
well i was trying to make it sound BIIIG.. seems i failed in doing so :(
still gonna try to accomplish my goal.

and yea, i love to start new projects. but once i finish a project, its hard for me to start a new one.
thats probably the reason/cause i love it so much haha