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Reviews for "Lucky Tower"

wer Feste feiern will, muss feste arbeiten

fun game but it meens
he who wants to seebrate festivals, has solid work... or somethng along that lines
(german 4th year in highschool woot!!!!)

molkman responds:

More like, "If you want to party hard, you have to work hard first."


well done, I was pretty amused with the main character and his lines. voice actor also big thumbs up.

molkman responds:

Thanks dog. Dragamex sure is one badass human.

mwdals medals medals

i got all of the medals...pm me for information on were to get them, how to get the....

Manly treasure and another hidden medal

At the exit of the castle go left and hit the torch for manly treasure to get teh Wise and Old Medal when you meet the old man that wants to team up send him in the far right door, he'll make it to the bat guy, be eaten but then allow medal and purchase of his beard.


Great game, a lot of fun. I am looking forward to second part! Thank you