Reviews for "Lucky Tower"

So funny and original. Its simple idea makes it fun to not only help you progress but makes you want to game over too at times! It's rare to have a game where it's fun to lose (but some moments reward medals!). Play a brave, full-of-himself knight that has to escape the huge blasted tower! Each door might bring exploration or peril determining which one you choose. I haven't quit playing this game. I played until I got all the medals.

The funny dark humor mixes well with the cartoonish visuals (and not bad voice-over work as well!) this game is entertaining and slashy-slashy goofiness. (one small tip: don't get the monsters in the room to the left so when you go to the second one in this corridor and get the frog, go to the first door after that and try again. You get a better creature transformation as well as another medal!)

Loved this!

I think that the guy that suicides is of a game named Torture Chamber.

molkman responds:


stupidydity and the internet this is what the game says xD

Freaking Yeah.
This is it, done with the victory with.. this bad-ass flyin monstah that always ate Your companion. I have found da solution finally on my own, successfuly felt stuningly wise.
To be frank, all importance was in paying way more attention to the controls in a game than before haha. Yet there's still more to do as I did not experienced at all.. the another part of Lucky Tower (aha I know) eh :) Terrific that Lucky Tower keep you in exceptional way a bit more time entertained when loosing, unlike very many other games usually.
More, it may work even for a person which is not such 'englishing'* (*be speaking English firstly but by other language!) from the whole human being life.

Sad (okay, not that much really) like bad weather but I'm going to finish the review. There are 4.5 Stars (for review rating...) cause it's honestly too short and also - by my thought - slightly neglected at some point. Ouch, as last to add there Is one more I think needed ending missed starring.. ahahaha this old guy outside! :D

:D I finished the review.
You can stop reading now.
Heh who i want to cheat, nobody will read such loong writing :D

good game is a good demonstration of how a badass get fucked for his absence of intelligence :)

question: is the fus ro dah room real?