Reviews for "Lucky Tower"

Keep Clicking the undress to get the medal: Ooolala!

Somebody tell me how to get medal Ooolala!

how to beat the f**king goblin when it get on the faling spickiy celiing press the button then duck qwak then enter the door then you are free then go right select one of the door hope it helped :)

This is still great even though I have first played it years ago. To me the best parts are how Von Wanst is so full of himself, the many various ways he can die, and the three endings. Also, despite the fact that there's a Lucky Tower 2, it's actually a prequel instead of a sequel, thus it is unknown what actually happened to Von Wanst at the end of this game. Please make an actual sequel to this game so I can find out what happened to the "hero" of this game.

HOW THE F**K I HAVE TO DO THAT FLYING GOBLIN PART?!? I can't get trough one hall.