Reviews for "Lucky Tower"


I liked the concept of the game as a mix of luck and repeatedly seeing our guy die in various executions! Some of them were not so great, but there were a fair share of them that also made a good impression ("I'm too handsome to die!"), even though the joke may be old to a seasoned internet-goer.

Now for the criticism, which mostly involve fluidity of the game experience and glitches. You can thank your secret medals for this mud digging.

--Pressing down ANYWHERE in the final rooms causes you to teleport. You also can't kill yourself for some reason, but I'm guessing that's intended design.
--Pressing down while he's talking causes his mouth to stop flapping.
--On a similar note, if you're teetering at the edge of a pit and the guy is looking down, he will look like he's talking for only a split second, even when he is saying stuff like "Death to you!"
--Suiciding during a room entry cutscene (such as dropping from the first floor) acts as a scene canceler. Normally I'd call this an easter egg, but I would appreciate this being an actual feature when I want to see the three endings.
--If you send the old man down door 3, and you go into a different door, then go to door 3, his corpse is there, but then the shopkeep fails to get his goods in order.
--I haven't quite reproduced this yet, but if you drop the weight on the floor and go into a door at the same time, the weight disappears. Legitimate use of the K button ensues!
--Is the demon immune to swinging ceiling axes? Man he's totally unphased! I wish the sexy guy could go through that room and be totally unphased! Or decapitated.
--If you go into the tavern, talk to the barkeep, walk back out, then talk to him again, then walk back out, then talk to him again... wait, he must have amnesia. Oh, and yes you can cutscene-skip this by using K, lol.
--You can press K during the scene where you drop onto the sewer log.
--It is possible to dodge the rat in the sewer, but you still get a gameover screen.

It's all minor really. Oh wait a minute, here's the big one: the ability to double-back seems to be inconsistent. While it's appropriate to lose the ability to go through doors for deaths like Cerberus, it's not appropriate for deaths like the barrel roll.

Overall, the game is quite polished! Hopefully you can come up with more interesting concepts like this one.

PS: "Ooolala!" is the name of one of the secret medals, and it involves the secret method of viewing our sexy man naked. You must WANT IT BADLY to make it happen!


when the witch follows you to the second door a panel will appear. make sure the witch follows you to the panel making sure you dont get poked.when its close enough step on the panel then duck quickly. you fail if shes not dead.when she is go to the third door then the big door is the exit. go to the pub and you will ask for directions to the bathroom. hes gay so dont listen to him about you meeting him at midnight,he ll probably rape you or something. go to the bathroom and kill the man the toilet acts like a portal back to the tower,except youll be naked and somebody will already be there and kill you. your welcome

medals aren't working

pretty fun

Fun Characters, Fun Game Play,

This is a fun 'trial and error' game. Cool characters, excellent voices, fun game play. Fantastic Job on this.

flippin amazing dude!

this is without a doubt an awesome game! reall funny and entertaining. got all the medals except the secret one after "Frog" is making me tear my hair out. otherwise, well done