Reviews for "Lucky Tower"

Comedic masterpiece, jampacked with achieves, and several ending to choose from, overall this game is good, also if you send the old man into either room 1 or 2 and then go to room 3, you don't unlock the old man beard, pretty good idea game devs

Women toilets are the end of the way ... :p
What a stupid knight x)

Where is the cake ?

I played it in the first days this came out, but I never reviewed it with a well deserved high vote because, well, actually for no reasons... Does anyone understands what the weird landlord at the end of the game says? It is the only quote I do not understand in the whole game :-( The landlord is among my favourite characters of the game, I even made a CAW of him!

Keep Clicking the undress to get the medal: Ooolala!