Reviews for "Lucky Tower"


An awesome game!

first time playing this game cuz ive played one or two of the others

first play through: hero died 69 times (not sure how that happened...but i had fun). I went to women's room and teleported literlaly OUTSIDE the tower...

second play through: died 7 times, went to dork's room. Teleported inside the beginning of the tower, no clothes on either.

Have yet to try the men's room.

FUnny stuff

Oh the memories with this one... I'm surprised this only has 500,000 plays. I expected more. But anyways, this is a pretty funny game, and one of the only games where you WANT to die. You don't want to beat the game until you've seen all the crazy ways our unnamed hero can die first. The art style for this game is cartoony, but nice to look at as well. You can easily make out the colorful characters in front of the dark and gloomy background. And finally, the music just reeks of nostalgia for me personally. I suggest you play this one for some damn good laughs! :)

Hard Medals Guide:
Manly Treasure - When you found the enter giant door "DON'T ENTER " first go to the left and hit the torch to reveal the treasure room.
Ooolala! go to the wizard (merchant ) you have the "Hats,Weapons and Undress option" hit the undress option many times to be naked.
Old And Rise: When you find the oldman select the door number 3 go to the wizard(merchant) , she eats him go to the store in "Hats" select the beard item.
Frog/Snail - don't kill the two red guys , go to the mage return to the two guys door many times to win the two medals.

Atention : The others medals you can found in the game