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Reviews for "Lucky Tower"

I found a glitch

If you kill yourself outside the castle you cant respawn. I loved the quotes and I kept on trying all the doors.
Fun game, I just found it a bit annoying how slow the character moved, but I think thats just me.

molkman responds:

If he moved faster, the game would be too short. ;)

Slashy slashy!

hahah the quotes were great and i loved the creative ways you made the character die.


well, I didn't get how to pass through bat guy, so I just pressed "forward" button...
Anyway, great game.

molkman responds:

It is your choice between enjoying and cheating ON YOURSELF.


Extremely addicting!! More, more, more!!

Not too bad but some flaws

Enjoyed the comedy, but the gameplay and story didn't lend itself to a second play through, though i did anyway because i wanted to try an alternate ending hoping it wouldn't be as permanent as the first.

Went down the ladies toilet first run, decided to go into the mens room the second time, killed the dude there but clicked down on a regular sh*t hole just to see what would happen and got an ending almost exactly like the first, i still don't know what's down the glowing sh*thole and frankly i don't know why anyone would play a 3rd time to find out.

A "back" button would have been nice to go back to explore content we missed, whether that be a different ending or a death sequence we accidentally skipped by getting "lucky".