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Reviews for "Lucky Tower"

Wow ! One great game !

I really, REALLY enjoyed playing this :) At first I thought it was going to be one of those "where the hell am I supposed to go?" games, but it wasn't at all that :) It took me some time to figure out how to get past the man-eating merchant, but that made the game even more fun.

Only thing that could be improved, is medals. This game needs them badly :)

molkman responds:

Medals on their way, person!


I cant see all the controls> other than that, funny

havn't played it yet, but

Vlike that guy said i got a white screenV
I believe this is due to it loading the game still, the bottom left says transferring data from newgrounds, and I can press the X which stops loading the page and goes to the previous one, also This has happened before and it just turned out to be the game loading; In conclusion anyone with this problem, just wait.

OMG i scrolled up and the games loading still but least the screen isnt white
:D (yeah obvs our machines :3)

molkman responds:

I read there is a way (for the developer!) to avoid the blank screen, but I don't know itttt. :C


Woah, momma.


I just give you a 5 because the game doesn't work, I have a white screen, I have already the new flash player I tried on Firefox and Explorer but anyway it didn't work, i'm sorry again

molkman responds:

That is pretty mean, dog. Because obviously, it's your machine. Try again later. :)